Grant Guidelines

Our Vision

Montclair Fund for Women will invest in programs that promote Social and Economic Justice, Educational Advancement and Achievement, and the Strategic Strengthening of Historic Black organizations to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

Submitting a Grant Application

Grant Applications due February 28, 2018 – Award Determinations expected by the end of April 2018.

MFW will accept applications from local public charities to support high quality direct service programs and/or general operations.
MFW requires that grant seekers submit applications in digital format in order to minimize expenses of our grant review process. Organizations that do not have access to e-mail or the Internet should call our office to speak with the director well in advance of the application deadline.
PLEASE MAIL TO MFW Box 72 at the UPS Store, 41 Watchung Plaza, #72 Montclair, New Jersey 07042

Letter of Intent



MFW appreciates the time, energy and resources that an organization must expend to develop grant applications. Similarly, MFW’s staff and Trustees spend time and resources to review applications.


MFW can only award grants to IRS tax-exempt 501(c) (3) public charities. Each grant request, first time or renewal, must include a copy of the agency’s most recent IRS tax-exempt letter.
All applications must include the organization’s most recent IRS 990 or certified financial statement.
MFW will not award individual scholarships, loans or grants to individuals, loans to organizations, gifts for endowments, debt liquidation or national dues.
Grantees must use the award funds for the purpose and within the period stated in the application, in compliance with the MFW Grant Award Terms of Agreement issued with each grant award.
MFW does not award grants for medical, psychological, drug rehab services, counseling, financial workshops, or housing renovation/building construction.

Email applications by February 28, 2018.

Application Format

Grant Applications due February 28, 2018.  Award Determinations expected by the end of April 2018.

We recommend that APPLICATIONS ADHERE TO THE FOLLOWING OUTLINE to guide the proposal narrative:
Kindly limit your narrative to no more than one page per topic, with a maximum of seven pages, followed by appendices. Narrative sections of the proposal must in be a WORD document file, using normal formatting that is EDIT ENABLED.
  • Cover Page – Download Cover Page Sample
  • Background – Summarize or highlight the organization’s accomplishments. Reference webpage if includes comprehensive agency information that you feel is essential.
  • Program Narrative – Description of the project for which the award will be used should concisely convey whatever the applicant views as essential, but must minimally state:
    • What are the goals of the project?
    • Who are the target participants and why?
    • What are the measurable objectives?
    • Who, if any, are the partner organizations or businesses?
    • How will you evaluate the successes and shortcomings of the project?
  • Organization’s total budget
  • Proposed project budget
  • Appendices
    • Proof of IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exemption in good standing,
    • Audited financial statement or IRS 990,
    • List of current board of directors/trustees and job/community affiliations
Do not send videotapes, albums, or archival originals.  Applicants are welcome to send a few photos of their organization’s activities, only in jpeg format.

Grant Reports

Award Checks must be cashed by June 25 to be absolutely certain they will clear before June 30, the close of MFW’s fiscal year.
Grantees must use funds and submit a grant report within twelve (12) months of the award, or request a grant modification.  Applications for renewal must be preceded or accompanied by a final, or an interim report on progress that is up to date. If possible, grant reports should be in Word.
PDF, Excel, PowerPoint are acceptable for financial or other appendices.
If you have financial or other docs that are only in hard copy, please mail them to:
Montclair Fund for Women – Grants & Reports 41 Watchung Plaza, Suite 72 Montclair, NJ 07042
Thank you for your interest in the Montclair Fund for Women’s Grant Awards.