Equal Educational Opportunities: Prenatal, Early Childhood to Life Long Learning

Our Vision ~ Montclair Fund for Women will invest in programs that promote Social and Economic Justice, Educational Advancement and Achievement, and the Strategic Strengthening of Historic Black organizations to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.
Montclair Fund for Women will support programs that enrich learning and maximize opportunities for economically disadvantaged students to access high quality education.
21st Century Parenting Education – Making education a two-way street between parent(s) and child that strengthens family values and the love of learning, which is the foundation for success. The foundation will support:
  • Innovative youth-inspired programs that require parental participation, through dynamic discussions, inspiring leadership, and informative workshops, and guided access to community institutions such as libraries, art and science museums, music and dance, ethical-cultural societies, public media programs, robotics, engineering, etc.
  • Parental involvement in community-based activities meant to inspire and bolster their children’s personal development and academic achievement in a broad range of subjects and interests.
21st Century Early Childhood Education – MFW will support programs based on research-based curriculum to prepare children for social and academic development that maximizes their chance for achieving their life goals through integrated technology, cooperative learning modules and differentiated instruction, creative use of “toys” and media, etc.
21st Century Academic Enrichment – MFW promotes engaging children and teens in programs that link directly to the zeitgeist of their worldview that showcase:
  • Technology, public speaking, the arts, literature, math and science and civic responsibility/leadership skills.
  • Thought-provoking programs and tutorials that connect to the Common Core Curriculum Standards that develop critical thinking skills – a methodology that propels students to become problem solvers and activates a higher order of thinking.
  • Outcomes, through subjective and objective reporting tools, that document/demonstrate an increase students’ ability to embrace, enjoy and succeed at lifelong learning both in and out of school.
21st Century Youth Development – Dynamic youth programs that engage elementary to college-aged youths in well-planned, rigorous and enjoyable activities designed to enrich/enhance their personal social development, civic engagement, academic achievement and pursuit of career and other life goals.