2009 Grant Awards  
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Community Development Youth Development Human Services Education Professional & Program Development in Philanthropy
Public, non-profit or private sector organizations provide Human Services to improve the lives of those who need assistance, such as the poor, elderly, disabled, and children. This might include health care, counseling, legal aide for victims of domestic or social violence, subsidized housing, and food.

Family Service League
$3,000 one-year grant to recruit, train and retain 25 volunteers for the Essex County Rape Care Center.

Montclair Counseling Center
$7,000 for mental/emotional health support groups, to help girls at Montclair High and Glenfield Middle Schools cope with issues related to body image, manipulative media messages and healthy lifestyle choices. MCC’s licensed clinical psychologists conduct these sessions and communicate with the teachers, nurses, guidance personnel, and parents.

Partners for Women and Justice
$5,000 to support Partners’ financial literacy program, mPower (t), designed to provide low and moderate-income women with financial management and planning tools that will assist them in achieving financial stability and independence.

The Rachel Coalition c/o
Jewish Family Services of MetroWest

$5,000 to expand Rachel’s Court Advocate Program that assists battered women who are plaintiffs when they are in the court ante-room waiting, usually many hours, to obtain restraining orders. The 2009 award includes funds to provide a babysitter, diapers and other necessities for the young children who have accompanied their mothers to court.

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