2007 Grant Awards  
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Competitive Grants
Dr. Betty Shabazz Delta Academy$3,000

Delta Academy is a national Delta Sigma Theta academic enrichment program designed to help middle school girls to improve their academic proficiency in math, science and technology.

Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence$3,500

Scholarship funding for travel, lodging and robot parts to promote diverse participation in the All-female Robotics Team 1929 at Montclair High School

Montclair Counseling Center$3,000

The grant award is to continue emotional health groups for girls at Montclair High School identified by school personnel as needing support to succeed in school.

Montclair Community Pre-K Family Network Center$3,000

The Family Network Center provides educational and support resources to caregivers of young children through expert-facilitated programs on issues relating to parenting.

The Rachel Coalition$3,000

Renewal of funding to support The Rachel Coalition’s extensive range of services to victims of domestic violence. 

The Side Door$3,000

Union Congregational Church of Christ sponsors this Friday after-school program to engage middle school students in informal learning projects, recreation, and positive relationships with their peers, parents, teachers and other significant adults.

Unitarian Church of Montclair - Undoing Racism Committee$3,000

Undoing Racism seeks to understand, challenge and act to dismantle systemic, institutional, and cultural racism through educational programs. This grant is to support workshops for local youths.

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